Weird Connections in Action!

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What about connecting a particular taste to a specific word? Seeing letters and numbers colored? Or every time you hear a sound, you see a particular color? Synesthesia is a neurological condition that makes weird connections between different senses, and forces unusual metaphors to dominate the perception of the world. Weird Connections visualize sound to illustrate the color and sound synesthesia. Based on synesthetic tendencies bright colors are related to high pitch and dark color to low pitch. Go ahead and explore how sound is related to color. Explore the colors of your voice!


This is an interactive installation design for the Norsk Teknisk Museum for a special exhibition called “Mind the Gap” about the mind and brain. The theme of the project is Synesthesia, which is a neurological condition that mix senses. There is more than 60 kinds of synesthesia, and we decided to focus on one : the mix of sound with colors. We based our installation on the synestetic tendency of relating low pitch sounds with dark colors and high pitch sounds with bright colors, and also relating volume with size; louder-bigger and lower-smaller.

Based on a processing code that recognizes sound as input through a microphone, and gives beautiful motion graphics as an output!


This project won the AHO graphic design award, being nominated to the B-CITY/BILBAO/BIZAKIA GLOCAL DESIGN AWARDS to participate in the graphic design category. There is no much info about this competition, all we know for now is that is closed and just invited selected people can participate, and we’re one of the lucky ones!

More info coming asap, and a better video as well (this one is produced the last night…..)

All credits shared with Ine !


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Continuing with the synesthesia project togehter with Ine….

Here some screenshots of the processing application that will allow us to communicate the concept: sound as input, color and motion graphics as output. Communicating color/sound synesthesia, where people connects sound to colors…. based on the tendency of low pitch sounds = dark colors and high pitch sounds = bright colors.

Our first approach to the physical space is to project the graphics on a corner, have a microphone to detect the sound and use mirrors to reflect the lights and create an immersive environment.

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creating beautiful screen based graphics from ugly codes!

thank you Marius Watz

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Teknisk Museum

Starting our last project. I’m collaborating with Ine this time.

The task is to design an installation for the Teknisk Museum,  and we are not sure yet if our ideas fit in the Science area or the “Mind the Gap” exhibition (how does the brain work).

Our concept is inspired by Synesthesia, which is a neurologically-based condition where the senses get blended.

We decided to work with the Synesthesia where people blend colors and sounds, designing an installation that will display different colors and shapes for different sounds.

This is our first video sketch, where we tried projecting in different layers.

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3 days workshop to get started with processing.

Manipulate a video tracking code and make something fun! Here you can see how this monster is following your steps….

A camera will track your position and processing will play this short animation back and forward.

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Yes. Marius Watz is back and I challenge myself learn some processing this year…

….. We will see!

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Interactive pillow that will change colors while you touch and bend it.

Inspired on coral reefs and underwater world.

Texture exploration, textile materials, supposed to be constructed in large scale.

Arduino driven : RGB leds + Bend sensor.

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An iPhone driven Augmented Reality investigation “tabletop” board game … final outcome.

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Here’s a list of suspects, and some clues we found at the crime scene… whooooo knowwwssssssssss

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